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Its really a dumb idea thinking to pass drug test drinking vinegar!

It is believed by many people that they can pass drug test drinking vinegar, but such things are a clear myth, which is a complete false statement. Basically vinegar is used as a home remedy to pass hair and urine drug test.


What are the consequences of having vinegar?

There are many problems by having vinegar, taking a vinegar is just like playing a serious game with health.


• Hair drug test- Many people believe applying vinegar in hairs before going for a drug test removes the present toxin from hair. But such application doesn’t remove the toxin it just reduce the quality of hair makes them dull, rough and weak.


Beside this sometimes examiner also determines that some measure is applied to kill the positive result of a drug test and as if they can ask the sample of hair from any other part of the body where it becomes tough to beat the result of a drug test.


• Urine drug test- Many people also drink vinegar to dilute their urine sample. But if diluting the samples are so easy then passing a drug test was not considered as the tough task.

Vinegar drinking is very hazardous to health, and it decreases the pH level of urine, make it change in color from the natural one and also reduce the detection time.


The best solution ever found to make the result inconclusive is non other then opting a detox product. A supreme klean detox product is the complete solution that helps to pass any kind of drug testing. Different products according to type of drug test based on the time of conducting a drug test are available and that too at an unbelievable price.


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A hair follicle shampoo is easy to use and needs a 5 to 10 minute massage. This shampoo clears the present Metabolics from the hair and are suggested to use before 30 minutes of testing. It is a shampoo that provides a positive result for five hours and starts acting just in 10 minutes.


What are the benefits of using detox products?

There are uncountable benefits of using detox products,
They are:

• All products are made easily available
• The price of these products is affordable
• The selling website keeps the secret of the buyer
• The detox products have a full guarantee to give a successful result
• All products are made under the guidance of skilled professionals
• The detox products are made of original bio chemical products
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